The gay pride parties in Spain 2017

Gay pride in Spain is very diverse and we can find a lot of different activities depending on the pride and the city in which we find ourselves.
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In the events sponsored by gay pride in Spain there is the possibility of enjoying all the ways, dances, drinks and good company expect everyone to go, it is an event of visibility, of vindication and above all of enjoyment and fun .

With the intention of celebrating the diversity that exists in the world, a large number of tourists from all over the world visit our country in each of the pride of all the cities of Spain.

Gay Pride Madrid

In the special activities organized by the gay pride organizers in Madrid, they are dynamic of distraction with artists and great dances, concerts and demonstrations in favor of diversity.

It is necessary that we take into account that the LGTB pride Madrid is a conglomerate of individuals who are responsible for developing a large event, with the intention of having a pleasant time and increasing the pleasures of each individual who attends.

In addition to this in 2017 Madrid is the center of the Gay Pride world as it is the headquarters of the World Pride 2017. You can not fail, this year, more than any other you have to be in Madrid to celebrate gay pride, whether you are LGTB.

Gay Pride Catalonia

Catalonia, especially Barcelona, is the center of diversity along with Madrid. Although this year the gay pride par excellence is in the capital of Spain Gay Pride of Barcelona is open to everyone, an event with all the best of a great city and all the good of the coast. Another very open city in this community is Sitges. Sitges Gay Pride is one of the most famous Gay Pride in the world and brings together a multitude of people from all countries.

Gay Pride Community of Valencia

zona gay valenciaThe Gay Pride events of Valencia and Alicante are the main dishes of this type of events in the Valencian Community. In coastal areas like Valencia and Alicante the heat and fun will not disappoint you. As main event we have the Gay Pride of Benidorm, a city with a great mental openness and very lgtb friendly.

Gay Pride Canaries

There are cities that bring us many special activities, that is why the festival opens up a space for participation and the incorporation of new and incredible dynamics, gay pride in the Canary Islands, especially that Pride of Gran Canaria and Tenerife makes the islands are The center of diversity and the LGTB movement.

Gay Pride Balears

The Balearic Islands, with its center in Majorca and Ibiza, are islands that have always been open to diversity. The gay pride of Mallorca and Ibiza is the cradle of the LGTB movement in Spain. Fiesta, beach and visibility are the hallmarks of this event in the Balearic Islands.

Murcia Gay Pride

Murcia, one of the last cities in Spain to open up to gay pride celebrates its festival of diversity and visibility LGTB for a year with a lot of cultural, festive and protestant events.

Bilbao Gay Pride

An incredible display of clothes, colors, songs, dances and many other activities to celebrate the diversity and gay pride of Bilbao. But that is not the only city in the Basque Country to celebrate, but San Sebastián / Donosti also joins with a gay pride highly recommended thanks to its cultural offer.

Now that you know more about the great Gay Pride events in Spain, you only have to go out and enjoy this day of freedom and diversity. Have we forgotten a city that celebrates Gay Pride in Spain? Do you want to tell us your experience? Write and share with all of us your experiences.

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