Gay Pride of Madrid, the countdown for World Pride 2017

Start the countdown to the gay event of the year, World Pride in Madrid 2017. Our gay pride of Madrid is renewed and becomes the largest gay event in the world to convert the Spanish capital into the epicenter of freedom and rights of the LGTBI collective. As we have already commented the dates of the World Pride 2017 are from June 23 to July 2, 2017 and will be held, especially in the Chueca neighborhood and in the main streets of Madrid as Gran Vía and others.

How is Madrid prepared for World Pride 2017?

For this event the arrival of more than 3 million people to the Spanish capital to enjoy all the events around the Gay Pride of Madrid in this 2017. Being a world-wide event the growth is expected to be increased considerably The amount of people who come to enjoy LGTBI freedom in its purest form.
For everyone to enjoy this experience the city of Madrid, headed by Manuela Carmena has designed a plan for everyone to enjoy.
world pride 2017 cuenta atras

The underground opens 24 hours on the 1st of July. The main day of the Wolrd Pride 2017 is July 1, the day in which the mass demonstration is celebrated where all the attendees to the event will be able to dance and enjoy until the hour that they want since they will be able to arrive at their houses or accommodations in metro to any Hour as the metro opens all night.

Hotels and hostels in Madrid are almost 100% capacity during those days, especially gay hotels in Chueca and central neighborhoods. For this reason, the city council is considering setting up hostels, campsites and sports facilities to accommodate visitors who have not been able to book accommodation for the event, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Since the antiterrorist alert is one of the most important points the council has designed an exceptional security plan to ensure the safety of all those attending the event. It is important to pay attention to security agents who cover all areas to facilitate their work.

There will be a multitude of stages, concerts, talks and all kinds of events such as the famous heel race, the Pride Preach of the Plaza Pedro Zerolo on Wednesday June 28 and, of course, the demonstration or WorldPride Parade held on Saturday first of July from Atocha to Colón. Are you going to miss it? If you want to check all the dates go to the World Pride Madrid 2017 website although from this web we will inform you about everything.

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