Cruising in Ventas

cruising ventasThe Ventas area is, also, one of the great mythical zones of cruising of all Madrid. Cruising in Ventas is something that has been given for many years. A large number of men gathered around the bullring looking for something more than a walk.
Nowadays things have not changed much since you can take a ride or go with your car if you are looking to take a good sex. It is necessary to have special care in this area and to choose very well who is or is not looking for topic since there are times that not only are people looking for sex but, although it is much more controlled, there is usually some pickpocket than another.

Side parking of the bullring

This parking lot has a great movement of people, a multitude of people of all types come here to download their balls well before or after the show. There is always movement of people, although the hours of high traffic are early in the morning, between 07.00 and 09.00 or at night. As we have commented there are many young guys, straight curious, married, old, lookers and all kinds. People are usually inside the cars with the windows lowered or taking a walk between the cars. So if the cruising in the car makes you this is one of the best areas, plus there is a lot of movement and crowd of new guys.

Parking of the bullring of Ventas, rear

In the back parking of the bullring of Las Ventas is a very interesting area of cruising, although it is less traveled than the parking next to the M30 that we have discussed previously also there is influx, especially of people on foot or People who have already logged into the other parking lot and are looking for something more intimacy. The best time to look for a theme in this parking lot is at night, after 9:00 pm it is when there is more movement, although it is suitable throughout the day. There are quite a few old onlookers.

You already know which are the best areas to do cruising in Ventas, have you been here? Tell us about your experience or if you know of any other surrounding area that we have not told tell us what it is.

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