Cruising in Rivas Vaciamadrid

cruising rivas vaciamadrid

Are you horny and have no boyfriend or any fuck friend at hand? Why don’t you go cruising? The cruising in Rivas Vaciamadrid is always available and you will not have to call your contact list to fuck, get your car and get going and if you like someone, well have a good fuck.

Today we bring you the 5 best areas of Rivas to be able to discharge the mood and without so many stories.

Sport’s zone

Very close to Rivas futura subway station, at kilometer 18 of National 3 (A3).

A quiet place but with low influx of people. Cruising in the countryside, in nature, above all you can find cyclists or mature men who wander around. If you want, you can also comment on this post and contact with someone to have a fuck on this site.

Baths H2O

The baths in the H2O shopping center are a hive of men, especially at lunch time, when people from the ships and offices around the area seek to vent with other guys. The good part of this place is that these bathrooms are very clean and you usually find men in suits, for whom get turn on by the suit.

The cruising in Rivas Vaciamadrid in H2O baths is a good option, especially if you are looking for something in the morning or at lunch time, although there is also movement in the evenings. It is a place where relax your desires is simple enough.

Puente de Hierro

If cruising in nature excites you, outdoors, this is your site. El puente de Hierro, also known as the Arganda bridge, is located next to the Campillo lagoon, where you can also get there with your car and stop before the bridge (there is usually a hustle in the parking lot).

Here you can have sex from your car without having to get off or go out and enjoy the scenery while releasing tension.

You can practice cruising in the vicinity of the bridge, near the river or in the scrubs that are adjacent to this fantastic place.

Pinar de Pacadar

Arriving at the pine forest of Pacadar is super simple, you must follow the same road that takes you to iron bridge, but you have to continue straight and, at the end, when you cannot continue advancing you will find this magnificent place to practice cruising.

Behind the mountain, after a kindergarten

It is one of the safest places because it is located behind a mountain. Here you can practice cruising with total peace of mind and without haste, the influx of this site is quite low so I recommend that you call in the comments to be able to put a plant together and thus not make the trip in vain.

Do you still think that cruising in Rivas Vaciamadrid is difficult? Well, you see, that is not, now get up from the chair and fuck for all of us. Also, if you know another area of cruising in Rivas share it with us in the comments.

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