Cruising in El Retiro, Madrid

cruising el retiroThe Buen Retiro Park in Madrid is the nerve center of Madrid, along with the Casa de Campo are the two lungs of the capital, a refuge within the large concrete moles of central Madrid. Located in the center of the capital, the cruising in El Retiro is one of the most famous in the city and oldest. Although it is necessary to have some recommendations, especially to avoid that you see us half park and with which we are attracted, it is a zone of cruising very amusing.

Currently the Retiro Park is visited by countless people throughout the day, it is an essential tourist visit for tourists who visit the city and there is always movement of people inside, no matter what time you go, always There are people running or taking photos or in the famous boats or touring their fountains. This makes the area of cruising very interesting since it is rare to find the same guys usually since there is a lot of movement of men looking for sex and unload their eggs. Men of all nationalities, lifestyles, features and so on move in this magnificent area of cruising.

Cruising in Retiro park

Before entering in the areas of the park where we can throw a dust without compromise we want to warn you that special care must be taken at night because in the park there are not only people who are looking to do cruising but also we can find pickpockets looking for someone To whom to steal, so when night falls, extreme caution. Another recommendation we make is to follow the “cruising rules” to avoid getting a person who is not looking for anything, and finally, be careful to avoid being seen.

One of the areas that can be frequented, especially when there is little light or at night (From April to September the park closes at 00.00 and in other months the park closes at 22.00h) is in the shrubs and green areas Which are located in front of the statue of the angel. There is usually movement during the day but, especially, at night. This area usually goes a lot of tourist during the day, crosses of looks, touch of package and to the bushes. This is the most interesting area, as we have discussed all day, but when there is more movement is in the early morning or late afternoon.

After this there is some more area but in which there is very little affluence like the baths of the park and, especially if you see an area a little dark and some guy alone on a bench touching the package, you know what you are looking for.

Do you know any other area of cruising in the Retiro? Leave us a comment and tell us what it is, we will all thank you.

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