Cruising in Méndez Álvaro

cruising mendez alvaroThe south bus station and its surroundings attract day by day crowds of people to its parks, offices and shopping centers so the cruising in Méndez Álvaro enjoys unbeatable health. Crowd of men of all kinds seek to have a good fuck with complete discretion but with all the sleaze that you need. If the other day we commented that the cruising in La Casa de Campo was special in Madrid today we leave you the best areas of cruising around Mendez Alvaro to satiate your heat.

South Bus Station

The South Bus Station in Méndez Álvaro is the long-distance bus station most used by all tourists and locals, so there is a great movement of men entering and leaving tired and wanting to unload. Man of all types, race, nationality, size, work and so on.
The cruising area where there is more movement in this bus station are the bathrooms that are located on the floor 0, at both ends. This way if you walk into one and you do not get what you find you can go take a look to see what you find in the other bathrooms. These toilets are between the lockers and the knee, just below the stairs that rise to the first floor, there is no loss.
These baths have a very positive thing and it is that they are quite discreet, it is best that you go to the area of ​​the urinals of the bottom, that is where the whole percal moves, the guys usually wait pajeándose until someone appears that they spring And get into the urinals, which have no slit in the feet and can not see the security.

Another cruising area in the southern bus station, although less influx, is next to the inner harbor 1. There is usually some other guy touching the package and looking at guys who put you for a good fuck.

The best hours to do cruising in the South Bus Station is all day, especially in the afternoons is when more movement is usually there. You can find all kinds of guys, young, old, of all nationalities, costumes. Especially there is a lot of movement of men because of the number of people passing through this season.

As you go by car or by subway or suburban, the nearest stop is Méndez Álvaro.

The English Court of Méndez Álvaro

The Corte Inglés by Méndez Álvaro is next to the South Bus Station and its bathrooms are other of the best areas of cruising around, there is usually enough movement during the whole business hours. All that, depending on the time of day you go find some other guy. Best time to go is lunchtime, at that time the toilets are often filled with executives looking to download balls well before returning to the office.
Another hour that is also quite interesting is from 18.00h, which is when they leave the office and there is also movement.

Do you know any area of cruising in Méndez Álvaro that we have not mentioned? Then leave a comment and tell us which are the best areas for you and tell us your experience.

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