Cruising in the Casa de Campo, Madrid

cruising casa de campoThe cruising at La Casa de Campo in Madrid is older than the capital of Spain itself. This area, where at night prostitution continues to appear in every bush and road within the park, by the day is a hive of cruising in many areas. Not only the cruising takes place in the country house, there are also many straight men and women who are going to take a walk in search of a good wig practicing dogging.
In short, the temple of the desire of the furtive sex in Madrid is the country house, here there are scoundrels, prostitutes, dogging and cruising, everything that you can imagine and with multitude of different guys.

Metro Casa de Campo

If you go in Metro, when you go out by the elevator you will find two areas of the most lively. Metro Casa de Campo.
The first area is located according to the subway by the elevator you take the road that goes down to a shrub area, leaving the stop and the subway tracks on the right. This area, is the most lively of the metro, even on weekends there is usually movement of cyclists and runners. Sometimes you even find some orgy in the bushes. It usually works throughout the day, although when there is more affluence is in the evening, until 3 in the morning. It is important that you look for a gap where they do not see you.

Another area, although not with as much movement as the previous one but very close, in case you do not like it. This area is located, according to salts of the subway you cross the road towards the path of the Zoo and you enter into the pine and oak forest that you will find. It is also an area of nudism, so it is important that you look at the looks and so on.

Colonia Los Ángeles

The entrance to the Casa de Campo by Colonia Los Angeles, right next to RTVE and near the Campamento subway, is one of the areas that most affluence are having lately. One of the new areas that is getting very fashionable by the guys who usually go to take a dump. There is usually plenty of room for the day as the area is fenced and closed at night. There is much movement of cyclists, runners and, in general, sportsmen. Enter among the trees and shrubs and take a look to see who you are with.


This area is where more orgies and sex in group can be found at any time of day but it is also an area where more discreet must be since on Saturdays and Sundays of spring and summer there are many families with children and others that are going to happen the day. The area operates 24 hours a day, with a large influx of guys, which more people congregate and starts from the cable car parking itself.
The best areas are the parking of the own station of the cable car and the next parking, which is accessed down the Camino de los Pinos. If you go by the A5 you have access by climbing the tunnel of that road towards Badajoz and taking the exit of Casa de Campo – Amusement Park and from there you only have to follow the indications to the cable car park, park and take a walk By the pine forest that is in the surroundings.

Cable Car Tower

The second most crowded area of ​​all the cruising areas that are in Casa de Campo is Torre Teleférico and you can only walk or bike and it is very discreet and there is no access by car. If you go by car you would have to park it by the cable car parking and from there get the bike or start walking. You can also go by subway getting off at Lago station and moving to the area of ​​restaurants that surround the lake. From there you continue forward until you find a path that leads to the tennis courts and from there you leave them to the right to cross the dirt parking (where you can also park to walk). If you go ahead you will find a crossroads of two pedestrian roads with a viewpoint, there you have to take the road on the left until you see a slope and big containers and blue fences. Climb up that hill until you see a green tower of the cable car and when you hit a fence turn left until the fence ends and then the movement begins.
It is a very large area, where there are many orgies, trios, quartets and everything you can imagine. Being so withdrawn is a very discreet area and there are usually many guys doing nudism and sunbathing.

Although there is movement throughout the day the best hours are in the afternoon and there is no movement when the light goes, as it is a very withdrawn area and no street lamps. Usually there are guys of all kinds pro mainly cyclists, runners and sports people of about 20 to 50 years. It is an area with a lot of guys, so do not stick with the first one you see, take a walk to choose well.

Cerro de Garabitas

Another of the best areas for its discretion is the Cerro de Garabitas. Here you must also walk, but it is not a very long road. If you are going by car, head over to the Puerta Morena Glorieta and access the Casa de Campo along the Marqués de Monistrol promenade. You have to accede by the road of Garabitas and, to place in the direction, it is important that you leave to the left the Source of San Roque. If everything went well you’re on the road, keep walking until you find a kind of dirt parking left to the left, continue on the same path until you pass a firewall and you’ll start to see naked guys move giving a good Ride and looking for tail.

There is a lot of movement of cyclists, runners and sports guys. As it is an area of difficult access there is usually much more exhibitionism and people are not so aware of being caught so enjoy the moment and fucks at ease.

Have you gone to any area of cruising in the Casa de Campo that we have not said? Tell us what your experience is or tell us, leave a comment.

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